Get faster. Go Longer. Finish on the Podium.

Whatever your goal, Multisport Endurance Academy combines personal training, custom-designed training schedules and workouts to provide you with the tools to achieve your best.

Experienced Coaching
Tim Sorensen, Multisport athlete and Ironman veteran, was introduced to triathlon in 1998. He loved it so much that he became a student of the sport. Gaining multiple certifications from leading triathlon, fitness and nutrition organizations,  he became a full-time coach in 2010. Working with athletes from entry-level to elite, Tim has continued to study all aspects of human movement. Tim loves helping, sharing and teaching athletes of all levels achieve their goals.

Customized Programs
Utilizing Training Peaks™ as the software of choice, Multisport Endurance Academy is able to fully customize your program based off downloaded data and perceived effort to ensure you are at your best on race day.  Both primary and secondary daily training plans gives you the flexibility to dial up or down that day’s session.

Frequent Communication
Whether it’s a change your training plan, questions about race-day preparation, or just need to a shoulder to lean on, rest assured you have frequent access to communication, no matter what training plan you choose.

Monthly Training Plans

Ultimate Package

This package is great for new athletes looking to take on a challenge or experienced athletes that are ready to go to the next level. Fully customizable programs with unlimited communication throughout the program as well as instructional videos.

Premium Package

This option is great for the experienced athlete that is still looking for a custom plan to follow and feels comfortable with less frequent communication. Check-in meetings are scheduled throughout the program with access to email communication at any time as well as access to instrucional videos.

All training plans include access to training videos, meal plan, and 10% off any additional training lessons. A $100 one-time start up fee applies to all packages (multipacks not included).


My lifelong goal was to finish an Ironman and Tim made that possible.  He continually monitored my training program so that we can make changes based on my weekly results, fatigue, and goal for the race all while I was 3,000 miles away! Thanks to Tim, I can say “I’m an Ironman!!” 

Kenny Bailey

“Despite the many challenges and sacrifices along the way, the reward of crossing the finish line together as a team was truly priceless. We will always cherish the memories and lessons learned from this incredible adventure, and we are grateful to our Coach Tim for his expertise, guidance, and unwavering support throughout the journey.”

Doug and Debbie

Thanks to Coach Tim for showing the way to setting Personal Bests on the Ironman swim, bike and run. I’m now a 12-time Ironman earning my way to the world championships and running injury free.”

Randy Swanson

Swim Lessons
$85/hr or 3hrs for $240

Multisport Endurance Academy will give you the focused one-on-one training to ensure your success in the pool and on race day. We will give you the skills and tools to improve your skills, perfect your technique and increase your confidence in the water.

Run Lessons
$85/hr or 3hrs for $240

No matter what your running goals are, Multisport Endurance Academy can help you run faster and longer using proven science-based coaching methods, while motivating you when things get tough and help you achieve your goals while staying injury free.

Bike Fitting

The bike portion of a triathlon is typically the longest discipline therefore how well you fit on your bike is critical. If you ride a bike that doesn’t fit or is set up incorrectly you will waste energy and increase risk of injury. Once we correctly adjust your bike to your unique biomechanical needs you will ride with more comfort, ease, and power.

Group Training Packages

For the first part of the year, Multisport Endurance Academy offer group training classes to kick start your season right!  These classes are generally offered January through April and are open to all skill levels.  Discounts available for singing up for both group training class.

Tri Transformation at The Swimstitute™

This 6 week swim/bike/run training and nutrition program is not only a blast, you’ll get in shape doing it. Each of the six 90 minutes sessions features different skill building drills designed to make you more efficient and faster.  You’re going to work hard for six weeks, however, your results are going to come fast and will be significant when you follow the program.