Cycling Coaching and Training

The bike portion of a triathlon is typically the longest discipline; therefore, triathletes spend about half of their total training volume on the bike. In order for you to develop solid bike fitness and race strong, your longest workouts are on the bike. Your ability to race stronger and faster, comes down to two variables - how well you fit your bike and how effectively you apply force to the pedals.

Bike Fit:

If you ride a bike that doesn't fit or is set up incorrectly you will waste energy. Once we correctly adjust your bike to your unique biomechanical needs you will ride with more comfort, ease, and power.

Pedal Stroke Analysis:

A key component contributing to a cyclist’s efficiency is a smooth pedal stroke. Multisport Endurance Academy can perform a pedal stroke analysis or a spin scan to help the athlete identify key weaknesses in their pedal stroke.  Once identified, we will focus on strengthening the weaker muscles in order to develop a smoother and more efficient pedal stroke.


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